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Children First approach to curriculum


The Children First curriculum has been designed to highlight the teaching practice with evident links to research, policy, procedures and legislation.

The teaching practice within Children First is supported by the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and My Time Our Place (MTOP). Our passionate educators deliver quality educational and care practice and programs that incorporate play based learning and innovative curriculum to ensure that all children are active and capable learners.

The practices embedded in the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and My Time Our Place (MTOP) guide all educators, irrespective of their qualifications, to implement experiential learning and intentional teaching strategies to support children’s developmental learning.

Through research and training, educators understand and embrace children’s and families’ cultural background to ensure that each child gains a sense of identity and belonging within our environments. Educators have a strong belief that families are the child’s first and foremost educator and we attempt to incorporate all families using a collaborative approaches such as visual and verbal communication.

Children First has developed policies in accordance with regulations and legisation such as inclusion of children with additional needs, child environments, interactions with children, parental involvement and toys and equipment these support, guide and reinforce the foundation of quality education and care environments.

Growing Relationships Growing Responsibilities Growing Learners Growing Technology Growing Explorers


The Children First approach to curriculum is a unique approach based on our long-standing commitment to community with centre specific initiatives that bespoke to our cluster of services and families. Our not-for-profit organisation is responsive to parent and families where we provide opportunities for all levels of involvement in the care and education of their children. Our educators are recruited based on their cultural sensitivity; value added qualities and their diverse levels of education and backgrounds. We are fortunate enough to develop fluid budgets that enable all educators to upskill via training that is specific to the sector and through the professional relationships developed with peak industry bodies, organisation and companies. We support our Aboriginal communities with a vast array of services that wrap to provide a holistic approach to education. We value and encourage each of our educators to be autonomous in their teaching and we acknowledge that our educators bring a variety of skills, knowledge and life history to the environments that they belong to.

Our childcare services and centres

Children First offer a range of Childcare services: Preschools, Long Day Care, Occasional Care, and Outside School Hours services.

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Alpha Street Preschool

Alpha Street, Blacktown

Phone: (02) 9671 4042
Fax: (02) 9671 4042
Email: [email protected]


The Alpha Street learning environment is a blend of open and adventurous outdoor spaces alongside a warm, cozy indoor play room.

Our creative staff encourage the children’s imagination to run wild whilst being guided by the developmental knowledge we know will combine play and learning in an individual style the children deserve. Our award winning staff deliver an excellent service .

The national Early Years Learning Framework guides our planning and recording of children’s learning. It best describes childhood as ‘a time of Belonging, Being and Becoming’ and we believe we provide these values each and every day. We are continually listening, watching and talking to your children to ensure we are on the right track.

We have the ability to accommodate children from 3-5 years, from all backgrounds and all abilities. Our partnership with families is valued not only in the centre but across Childrenfirst as an association. We thrive on the challenges children present to us each and every day.

We are a twenty place preschool operating between 8am to 4pm with reduced fees available via the Child Care Subsidy. Our location is within the Blacktown CBD in Alpha Street. You can contact us on 9671 4042.

We invite you to come and see just what makes us unique.

ENROLLING NOW FOR 2019! Visit us today and let us show you around.

Balmoral Street Preschool and Occasional Care

24-26 Balmoral Street, Blacktown

Phone: (02) 9831 5066
Fax: (02) 9671 5037
Email: [email protected]


Balmoral Street children are provided with amazing opportunities for exploration and discovery in our adventurous outdoor play spaces and fun playroom environments. We aim to provide a wonderful start to your child’s social development and early years learning.

Our play-based learning style is delivered by our experienced and qualified staff to be reflective of the national Early Years Learning Framework. It describes childhood as ‘a time of Belonging, Being and Becoming’ and we believe we can best guide your children’s learning using these ideals as a basis in our individualised planning and recording.

We continually watch, listen and talk to your children to ensure we are correctly influencing their learning. Our reflective planning and communication methods help you to see the great learning opportunities your children are taking part in.

Operating across 3 huge playrooms, we cater for 60 preschool children and 10 occasional care places each day and are open from 8am to 4pm each weekday.

We are conveniently located across from Westpoint Shopping Centre at 24-26 Balmoral Street, Blacktown. You can contact us on 9831 5066.

Children First values family input so be assured, you are as important to us as your children are. Come on in and see for yourself how we can assist you and your child through this amazing time of life.

ENROLLING NOW FOR 2019! Visit us today and let us show you around.

Blacktown Road Children’s Centre

217-219 Blacktown Road, Blacktown

Phone: (02) 9831 5333
Fax: (02) 9831 1455
Email: [email protected]

Open from 7am until 6.30pm and conveniently located between Blacktown’s CBD and the M4, Blacktown Road Children’s Centre boasts state of the art facilitates which include viewing platforms over each of the five playrooms catering for children from six weeks to school age. Children and staff are active participants in caring for the outdoor space, and can often be seen sprinkling water from the rainwater tanks on native plants, planting and nurturing herb and vegetable gardens or searching for lizards.

We consider it our privilege to accompany children as they embark on a journey of growth and exploration, where children are valued and where families and staff can work together in true partnership.

ENROLLING NOW FOR 2019! Visit us today and let us show you around.

Plumpton Long Day Care

63 Bottles Road, Plumpton

Phone: (02) 9625 9462
Fax: (02) 9625 9462
Email: [email protected]

Plumpton Long Day Care provides children with the opportunities to grow and develop within a safe and secure environment. Our play-based learning approach is inline with the Early Years Learning Framework and the National Quality Framework. Our qualified educators facilitate learning and ensure our environments promote exploration and discovery so children can reach their full potential. We believe children are individuals and we take the time to build strong positive relationships with the children in order to meet their academic and emotional needs.

Our large outdoor environment provides children with an outlet to explore the natural environment and allows the children to engage in adventurous play that also supports physical health and wellbeing.

Our three indoor play spaces cater for children aged 6 weeks to 5 years and cater for 59 children per day. Our operational hours are 7am to 6pm, 50 weeks of the year. As an approved service we offer Child Care Subsidy for eligible families. We provide all meals that reflect The Australian Dietary Guidelines and cater for religious and dietary requirements.

We pride ourselves on creating an environment that is homely, caring, secure and safe for all the children that attend. Our approach to inclusion and diversity ensures that every family and their child feel welcome at Plumpton Long Day Care and Preschool.

ENROLLING NOW FOR 2019 – come and join the fun!

Hassall Grove Outside School Hours

Hassall Grove Public School, Buckwell Drive, Hassall Grove

Phone: (02) 9628 8276
Fax: (02) 9628 9563
Email: [email protected]

Hassall Grove Outside School Hours operates within the grounds of Hassall Grove Public School on Buckwell Avenue, Hassall Grove.

The service operates from 7am – 9am for Before School Care, 3 – 6:30pm for After School Care and 7am – 6:30pm during Vacation Care.

We provide a safe and friendly environment where during Before and After school care our program and menu is completely based on the children’s needs and interests.

Vacation Care, which operates during school holidays is a great opportunity for children to engage with others from different schools within the community. It’s always a fun-filled calendar with many interesting activities provided, including arts and craft, cooking experiences, free choice play and a range of incursions and excursions.

We cater for up to 60 children during Before and After school care as well as Vacation Care and there are up to 5 educators at the service at all times. Our service and staff abide by the National Quality Standard, National Regulations, National Law and National Quality Framework and My Time, Our Place.

Children’s cultural diversity is recognised and children are supported to explore who they are and who they want to become.

ENROLLING NOW FOR 2019 – come and join the fun!

Shelley Outside School Hours

Shelley Public School, Hadrian Avenue, Blacktown
Phone: (02) 9621 2022
Fax: (02) 9621 2722
Email: [email protected]


Shelley Outside School Hours operates within the grounds of Shelley Public School.

The Centre first opened in 2007 for Before School, After School and Vacation Care and has been growing ever since.

The Centre is open 7am – 9am for Before School Care. Children are provided with breakfast and are able to participate in quiet activities and group games before attending school.

After School care operates between the hours of 3pm – 6:30pm. Children are provided with a nutritious snack and a program based on the their interests. Children have the opportunity to interact with new friends and participate in free choice play along with programmed activities in a safe and relaxing environment.

Shelley Outside School Hours operates a Vacation Care Service during school holidays opening at 7am and closing at 6:30pm. This Service is available not only to children who attend Shelley Public School but also to other Primary Schools. Vacation Care offers a variety of activities, which include art and craft, cooking and theme days. Exciting and fun excursions are programmed every holidays.

The Centre is approved to cater for 45 children for Before School, After School and Vacation Care and operates with up to three educators on premises at all times.

The Centre is closed on Public Holidays and closes for 2 weeks over the Christmas and New Year period.

For further information please contact us.

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